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Shettles method success rate | How “big” is the accuracy of the Shettles method theory to determine the gender type of the baby? We will see more here. Currently, there are so many ways that people used to determine the gender of the baby which it they want. Why do they try to determine the baby gender? Are the baby girl and also a baby boy was different? I don’t know, but sometimes people just want a boy or also just want a little cute girl, but I'm sure that you are not one of them.

Well, picking the baby gender actually is only a matter of time, so when someone had a baby girl, then when the next pregnancy, they usually want a baby boy to complete their family members. It is something that is fair and I think all of us who are married for sure will do so.

We returned to the main topic, what is the Shettles method? For those of you who want to know more about this gender selection method, you can read it on this page - Shettles Method gender selection. Shettles method is a method that used by many people to determine the gender of their baby. How it works, is it easy to follow? The most basic use of this Shettles method to determine the baby is using perfect time when trying to intercourse. Basically if you want to have a baby boy, do intercourse one day before the ovulation time, read more about ovulation here, then if you want to get a baby girl, do intercourse 3 days before or after the ovulation period. In addition to the timing of intercourse, there are also other points to determine the gender of the baby like intercourse position, orgasm, and others. But, the question is how “big” the accuracy of this Shettles method to determine our baby gender?

Shettles Method succes rate is good enough !!

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If we viewed it from Wikipedia page source, this gender selection method shows the numbers up to 90%, that’s right Wikipedia page showed 75% to 90% percent of effectiveness, and if we try to find this information from another source, this method that has been founded by Dr . Landrum Shettles still can reach 90 % of accuracy! But most sources said that this method is under 80 % of accuracy. Essentially, the 80 % figure is the most that I've found to answer the question "Shettles method success rate", the success rate is very good, even if it only reaches 50 % of accuracy, I still love it and I will use it.

If you now want to get a baby and you want to determine the baby gender that you want, you should try this method. More about easy ways and success method of baby gender selection guide here. Good luck Mom.

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