Am I Having a Baby Boy or Girl?

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Am I having a baby boy or maybe baby girl? well, If you are pregnant, the curiosity of knowing your baby's sex is always is a fascinating and provocative experience. There are countless reasons why couples want to determine their future child's sex. Knowing whether your child is a boy or a girl allows expecting couples to consider names, to make decoration decisions, and most importantly, to brag. If you are still a few weeks away from a sonogram and can't bear to wait another day to find out the sex of your future offspring, there are countless things the internet will tell you to do to find out for yourself. In this article, you will learn about the most common gender myths and facts when predicting the sex of your future baby.

1. Fatal Heartbeat

A common myth concerning the speed of the fetus' heartbeat toys with male/female stereotypes of temperament. It is said that if the fatal heartbeat is at the upper range, around 140 beats per minute, that the mother is carrying a female child. This comes from stereotypes of women's high temperament. On the other hand, if the fatal heartbeat is below 140 beats per minute, it is said that the mother is carrying a male child, endorsing the 'males are more even-tempered' stereotype.

2. Food Cravings

It is said that women who have a preference for salty foods are carrying baby boys. This idea makes some sense given that high sodium diets influence the woman's pH levels, a fact that is known to influence the survival of Y-chromosome carrying fetus. However, the reverse craving, sugar, which is said to be favored by female carrying women, lends doubt to the analysis. While studies suggest that male-producing sperm prefer salty diets during conception, there are no studies proving that sugary diets pose equivalent results for female-producing sperm. Plus we can clearly see that this is more of a sweet versus salty comparison, speaking more societal gender expectations.

3. Skin and Body Changes

Sudden development of acne, excessive increase in bust size, increased concentration of fatty deposits in and around the facial region are believed to be carrying baby girls. Women carrying baby boys are said to develop pregnancy characteristics such as an increase in hip and waist diameter and darkened areolas. Other beliefs are that if the woman has a high stomach she is carrying a girl while if she has a low stomach, she is carrying a baby boy. Other people believe that women become more beautiful whilst carrying a boy and the opposite while carrying a girl.

4. The Pendulum Swing Test

An old midwife's practice, the pendulum swing test is the most optimistic and scientifically invalid of the gender tests. The tale goes that determining the sex of your baby is dependent upon the motion of a pendant dangled above the pregnant woman's stomach. The belief is that if the woman is carrying a boy, the pendant will swing back and forth and that if the woman is carrying a girl, the pendant will swing in a circular motion.

Today, there are a number of valid tests that can be performed to determine the sex of your child. I would say that if you are curious enough about the sex of your child to consider these myths and ancient practices as valid, you're better off leaving it to doctors. You'll get an absolute answer.

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